“…the life God changes just might be your own”!

What is SpeakOut?

* SpeakOut is a five week evangelistic English language camp in the country of Hungary in Eastern Europe.

* University and High School Americans are the tutors and Hungarian students are the campers.  Don’t worry, you will get all the training you need.

What will you do?

(download the weekly schedule overview)
Well, as a tutor at Speak Out you will be given the task of building relationships with a group of three to seven students every week by speaking to them about how they can have new life as a child of God.  You will spend time with them in small and large groups taking part in activities you plan. Students know in advance that their tutors are Christians and will be speaking about spiritual things all week.  You will be a teacher of conversational English just by speaking with students. It is a great opportunity to present the truth boldly and watch God use you in another person’s life.  The rest of your time will be spent bonding with American and Hungarian teammates, studying the Bible, training with other Americans in discipleship groups, and doing crazy camp-type things. Speak Out makes for an intense summer of growth and service.

What is the Purpose?

STEP OUT and challenge the maximum number of Hungarian students with the gospel.
GROW in our faith and knowledge of the Word, helping others to do the same in order to…
MAKE A MARK on Hungary and the rest of the world!

Go to this link for info about applying.