Why Hungary?

The story of the Gospel from beyond the Iron Curtain:

Hungary was under Communist oppression from 1945 – 1989 with dictatorships, closed borders guarded by weapons, and a suppressed church. The Gospel was forbidden. There was a season of incredible spiritual darkness.

Then the prayer of thousands was answered — Communism fell.

Today Hungary is a free country with a great need for spiritual truth, but lacking Christians who can share the Gospel.

“Europe is the most secular society in the history of the world.” “Europe is the only continent where Christianity is declining!”

International Herald Tribune

Our prayer is to win students for Christ, build them up in their faith, and send them out as the next generation of Christian leaders.

In 1994 the Hungarian government accredited our ministry’s Youth at the Threshold of Life (YTL) health and character building curriculum, which contains the Gospel message at its core and is taught in public high schools. This program gives us open access at high schools and colleges to take the Gospel to students.

Since then YTL (or FÉK in Hungarian) high-school, university, and catalytic ministries in Hungary have reached out to thousands of students throughout the country. American and Hungarian Cru staff members work year-round organizing evangelistic events and going into public schools and universities to reach out to Hungarian youth. SpeakOut has a vital part in this, and for many students SpeakOut is their first contact with the Gospel and discipleship. Many of the Hungarian student laborers for Christ first came to know Him at SpeakOut.

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