* Each year at SpeakOut, high school and university students accept Christ as God works in their lives. The students come for a one-week conversational, English camp in the beautiful lake town resort of Keszthely, Hungary. They know that all of the American students are Christians, and that we will talk about Christian ideas. Students every year tell us they appreciate the open and non-threatening environment in which to think about the issues we raise.

* During the course of the week, you will tutor between three and seven Hungarian students. You will spend time with them each day, both formally and informally, sharing your life and the gospel with them. In the mornings, they attend a large morning session and then also a fifteen to twenty person “SpeakOut group”. These sessions provide opportunities for them to practice speaking English and learn more about American culture, songs, and slang, and to interact with the Hungarian Christian students and full-time Hungarian Staff.

* Afternoons are ideal for spending quality time with your students. This time includes going to the beach, playing soccer, touring the town, or just hanging out. The heart of the day is the tutor time. This is a great time to talk about your life and who you are. Here you are able, in a relaxed way, to share the gospel with them and get their feedback. During this tutor time you can answer questions, and invite them to respond to become Christians. Those afternoons are where you will have the best chance to connect with the students.

* In the evenings we will have different activities for the Hungarians, so you can spend time enjoying the “camp experience” with them. Hungarians are not used to summer camps done in American style, so it is a special time for you to bond with students and share not just the gospel with them, but your life as well.

* The power of the SpeakOut experience is how the entire week’s activities and conversations fit together. We are not merely meeting with them and telling them the basic points of how to become a Christian, but we are also spending time with them and giving them the chance to observe what the gospel looks like in our lives. We hang out while at the same time talking about the Bible and our beliefs. The Hungarians can see both in word and in action how Christ can change their lives. It’s truly a powerful combination!

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