Why Hungary?

Since 1978, Campus Crusade for Christ has been taking the Gospel to the people of Hungary. Since 1994, through Youth At The Threshold Of Life (YTL or FÉK in Hungarian), the high school and university ministries in Hungary, Campus Crusade for Christ reaches out to students throughout the country. American and Hungarian FÉK staff members work year-round in Hungary organizing evangelistic events and going into public schools  and universities reaching out to Hungarian youth. SpeakOut is a vital part of the FÉK program. Speak Out is the first contact many students have with FÉK. Many of the Hungarian student laborers for Christ first came to know Him at Speak Out.

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Want To Know More About Hungary?

(web sites below are not managed by CCC-Hungary)

* Atlapedia provides an overall look at the country and its modern history and highlights information such as demographics and the economy. http://www.atlapedia.com/online/countries/hungary.htm

* The Keszthely Tourist Office site provides an overall look at the town and surrounding area of Lake Balaton.   http://www.keszthely.hu/en

* This link is a great place to start if you are looking for maps, news, information about Budapest. http://english.budapest.hu/Engine.aspx